What’s Next for Student Life?

“All upcoming (in-person) club activities are canceled until campus reopens…”

“Extending Spring Break, beginning telework and closing the college for in-persons activities were important measures to ensure our safety and well-being in creating a safe learning and working environment…”

Sentiments set to the student body by Student Involvement and the President herself, have brought a sense of peace to the students, knowing their health and safety are at the forefront of the administration at school, but also bring a wave of sadness and uncertainty to students involved in campus life.

Various clubs and organizations had expansive events planned. Unique events on and off-campus for students to remember and enjoy, to bring an idea of the mission of not only the school but of each unique club and the members involved in them.

To see them put on an indefinite pause, or canceled altogether, even for the best intentions, can be saddening for students.

In true Viking spirit, the Westchester Community College faculty have come together to plan a response to the COVID-19 epidemic, and have done so with an online format. Using software such as Zoom and club social media accounts, to turn student life into an online format with virtual meetings and events to keep students involved.

It will be something students and the school alike have yet to see, creating events for an online format, and once approved, it can be held on the Student Involvement Zoom account that can hold up to 300 participants.

When seeing this plan, one cannot help but think of technological problems that may arise with this. Zoom crashing, computer difficulties, as well as camera or microphone problems. It also makes me think of students who rely on the campus for computer access, and how out of the loop they may be.

All of these scenarios have been carefully thought of and addressed before this plan was revealed to the students.

The college will continue keeping students active in school affairs in a safe, unique way.

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