Quarantine Movie & TV Recommendations

Need an escape from online classes? Got the stay-at-home blues? Bored with video games? It’s going to be a long second half of the semester! Here are some worthy-of-your-time suggestions for your TV and movie viewing pleasure. Some are old, some are newer, but all are guaranteed to please. Happy binge-ing!


TV Series: Superstore (Five seasons on Hulu; diverse cast; funny storylines; light-hearted, enjoyable characters)

Movie: Good Will Hunting (Academy Award winner with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (Matt & Ben took their moms to the Oscars); tugs at your heartstrings; and who doesn’t love Robin Williams?)

Original: The Handmaid’s Tale (Critically acclaimed; dystopian; Wondering why so many people like it? Time to find out!)

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TV Series: The Wire (One of the most acclaimed TV shows of all time; poignant; graphic; incredibly powerful)

Movie: The Farewell (Asian-American family drama; very heartfelt; underrated)

Original: Fleabag (Vulgar and hilarious; deserved all its awards; you won’t regret watching it)


TV Series: Year Million (Science! National Geographic Doc Series; what will humanity be like in one million years?)

Movie: Thor: Ragnarok (Superheroes! One of the best Marvel movies of the franchise; very funny)

Original: The Mandalorian (Why everyone got a Disney+ subscription; beautifully shot; good plot; SPOILER: Baby Yoda!)


TV Series: Schitt’s Creek (Very funny; dry humor; critically acclaimed; good Pick-Me-Up)

Movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Coming of age classic; lighthearted comedy; fun times)

Original: Mudbound (Historical drama; based on acclaimed book; gritty)

Courtesy of the Film Club

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