Keep Your Distance AND Your Sanity!

Virtual Options:

Virtual Tours of Museums: Over 2500 virtual tours of the best museum in the world through Google Arts & Culture

A Night at the Opera The Metropolitan Opera is offering free streams of complete operas nightly during the COVID-19 closure.

Travel the World from Your Couch! National Parks are offering free virtual hikes/tours of their parks, so you can experience the majesty of nature from the safety and comfort of your home. They include Yellowstone NP and Hawaii NP and Nature Sites. In addition, The Great Wall of China and other global landmarks are available.

Space Man! NASA, in partnership with Google, is allowing people to experience what it looks like on Mars’s surface.

Rollercoasters! A YouTube page allows you to take virtual rollercoaster rides of numerous theme parks across the USA, including Disney World, Disney Land, and Universal Studios.

A Trip to the Zoo Many zoos have live streams or recorded videos of their animals. In particular, I love the penguins at the Monterey Bay Museum!


Learn a New Language or Musical Instrument Free lessons for beginners for Sign Language, Spanish, French, and a number of instruments!

Dancing Without the Stars Checks out this free YouTube Channel that post tutorials on how to do new and classic dances!

Write! During his isolation from the plague, Shakespeare wrote King Lear. Whether you’re the next Shakespeare or just looking for a way to pass the time, take a crack at writing. Journaling, writing blogs about different topics, or writing creatively are all great ways to sharpen your mind. If you need some inspiration to get started, take a look at these writing prompts.

Cook to Your Heart’s Content! Cooking can be relaxing and a productive, stimulating activity. If you are able to set aside time to bake some treats or try a new recipe, it can be a good stress reliever (and a delicious reward for yourself). 

CONNECT WITH OTHERS: Online Support Groups

Turn2Me is an organization that offers free support groups online around mental health issues including anxiety, stress, depression, and suicidal thoughts. All you need to do is create a username and book a time to partake in a support group. 

The Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA) offers free peer-to-peer online support groups for you and your families.

Board Games with Friends This website allows you to play board games online with friends! Set up a time and play your friends in a number of classic board games to pass the time.

Movie Watch Parties You can hold a viewing party with friends by using one of the links below. (See for all links.) These apps allow you to watch a movie and chat about the movie (some through text and some allow voice sharing). Netflix Party; Twoseven.


Yoga at Home There are great resources to do yoga at home for free. Yoga is not only a great exercise but an excellent practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Stay Fit At Home There are many home workout videos on YouTube you can try – find one that fits your interest and level of intensity for your workout. 

Planet Fitness is posting free at-home workouts to their Facebook page for members and non- members alike.

Get Out! Go for a walk, run, or bike ride! Whether it is with people you have been self-isolating with or by yourself, exercising out in nature can be a huge mood booster and a great way to spend some time. If running is your thing, the Nike Run Club is a free app that has some great workouts to keep you going.

Courtesy of Jade Watts, a representative of the Personal Counseling Department.

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