Westchester Goes to Harvard

On Thursday, February 13th, fourteen Westchester Community College students traveled to Boston to take part in Harvard’s 67th Annual National Model United Nations (HNMUN). 

The trip was sponsored by the Political Activist Club, with Professor George Keteku as the faculty advisor. For four days, the Westchester students acted as delegates for two countries, this year the Political Activist Club represented Guatemala and Ukraine. 

They aimed to pass a resolution in committees with thousands of other students from different universities from across the world. The club practiced their speeches and prepared for the coveted positions by watching past model UN representatives and reading past meeting transcripts.

Not only was there a necessity to understand the political stances of the country represented but also of the other countries that the students were corresponding with.

“This trip was mentally strenuous and tested our abilities to work well with those with different political views and agendas. This trip gave you real insight into how politics really works. Using Robert’s Rules of Order for proper parliamentary procedure, the students had to explain their positions on topics that were given to them, create BLOC’s, and draft resolutions,” said one participant in the HNMUN gathering. 

This trip was put together by the Political Activist club and funded by the SGA. If interested in finding out more information about the next annual HNMUN trip please reach out to Prof George Keteku, the advisor for the Political Activist Club.

by Joe Ciamarra

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