“Prom List”

Tonight is the emerald night.

I’ll be going with no light.

Suit up with a tuxedo.

We choose the color maroon.

Boutonniere and tie to go.

It’s time to rise like the moon.

The adventure has challenge

Nervousness seems very long

This feeling, I’ve got to punch

Tonight, I’ve got to stand strong

My friend is with me, no mirage.

She has a beautiful dress.

Girl looks great with corsage.

And she looks like a princess.

We settle down for good food.

Our time with friends is the best.

The music really sets the mood.

Our dance, I feel really blessed.

This fun dance, more than a dream.

Dance together as we’re close

Look one another, there’s a gleam

The best dance, I made the most

Now, where did all my fear go

Maybe it left cause of her

The real answer, I don’t know

It’s still the best adventure.

We both look into the sky.

This night was better than pie.

by Rafael Yuro (Vice President of Creative Writing Club)

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