Personal Counseling Department: Love Yourself!

An event filled to bring on self-love with ice cream, therapy dogs, love letter making and more!

“I saw this really pleasant event where you could just write things for people and show them things that aren’t said to them. You know, like, no one tells them all these compliments, and no one writes little messages, not a lot of people get that. But it always puts a smile on people’s faces. So, like, I want to take part in that. I want to make someone’s day better, or maybe even multiple people’s days better. Honestly, that’s really the only reason why. I went through a dark time and not a lot of people were there for me. I want to be there for somebody that doesn’t even know they need that person before it even happens.”

Brian A.

“Personal Counseling really wanted to remind students to take care of themselves and love themselves during Valentine’s day. It can be really stressful and hurtful for some people because they don’t feel like they are connected with someone. I want to remind students that they are always connected with their selves and always have love around them.” – Jade Watts (Personal Counseling)

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