“I’m Black Every Month” Viking SAFE Space Event

The student speaker at this month’s Viking Safe Space was Amani Johnson. Her topic was: “I’m Black Every Month.” The event was co-sponsored by the Black Student Union (BSU). 

Viking Safe Spaces were designed to give students a platform to meet and express their experiences and challenges that happen regularly, both on and off the WCC campus.

Previous Safe Space events have talked about a range of topics – from issues within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

“Being black every month is unapologetically owning who you are,” Johnson said when asked about what the topic means to her. She volunteered to host this event and touched on topics regarding discrimination, racism and other social injustices that are common in the black community. “Having a safe space as a student is essential,” Johnson explained during an interview.

Johnson planned her Safe Space months ago and was delighted to see her vision come to life. “Black History Month means everything to me,” she said. “I’m glad there is a month that we specifically pay homage to Black Americans who have been very influential in society.”

For more information on Black History Month or the Viking Safe Space event, contact Serena Chamblee – the Black History Month co-chair at serena.chamblee@sunywcc.edu

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