I Might Surprise You

I am a black woman

not a sassy black woman, not an angry black woman, not a strong black woman

and definitely not an independent black woman

I live with my mom

I eat my own food and mind my own business.

Yes, I mind my own business

This last is a skill I’m still mastering because society has taught me to be okay with everyone being in mine:

in my hair, in my mouth (yes I say the N Word), in my body…

There is no amber alert for amber skinned girls

So I sit at home with my mom learning how to circumnavigate the being that is myself,

Learning how to love myself and not the women they say I am

No, I don’t cook, cater, or clean for anyone except myself,

No, I am not aggressive, loud, stubborn…

(well at least not next to your drunken white Auntie)

And no, I don’t need a man.

I just want one.

– Mikali-Elon Wallace

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