WCC is Hiring!

by Mikali-Elon Wallace

Alongside many other opportunities that WCC offers, the school invites others to promote great opportunities and sometimes they are paid. Here are a few that have made their way into the hallways

  1. The Country Club of New Canan is hosting an open call to servers that are passionate about hospitality.
  2. The 2020 Census is offering jobs ranging in pay from $17.00 an hour to $35.00
  3. Fujinoya is in urgent need of of kitchen staff!
  4. Mt. Pleasant’s very own Home Depot needs you!.. If you are committed to providing impeccable service.
  5. Chipotle is offering tuition reimbursement AND a paycheck!
  6. On to on-campus opportunities, the ELI office in the Gateway Center is hiring!
  7. Viking Dining Services in the Student Center could use your help.
  8. ReadyRefreash is offering you paid training, career growth, and great culture!
  9. If your in the nursing field are looking for hands on experience, email Lori, make a new friend and get paid for it!
  10.  What do security officers, line cooks, life guards and purchasing clerks all have in common? The Westchester Country Club is hiring them all, apply today!

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