Are You Rooting for The Enemy?

by  Tiffany Morley

In the binge-worthy Netflix Series ‘You’ Joe Goldberg, also known as Penn Badgley, is portrayed as a man who’s looking for love. In his endeavor for love he conquers all things or individuals who could compromise his relationship. Joe is commonly consumed by the woman he has his eye set on, although, it’s not true love he’s in search for. It appears that way, however, what Joe really longs for is to be loved. He wants the power, love, and commitment of a woman. Joe just wants to feel admired and needed. He goes to extreme lengths such as murder, kidnapping, and manipulating other’s psyche. So, what is it about Joe that the fans are still rooting for him? Women are commonly posting to social media speaking to how Joe is the “Perfect” boyfriend… Minus the murders. The show is narrated in the mind of Joe. This gives the viewer access to every-single thought process he has; allowing the audience to completely ignore the fact that he’s a sociopath and a murderer. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. ‘You’ Being narrated in Joe’s mind is no mistake. Joe truly believes every terrible thing he does is to “protect” the ones he cares for and that they’re done for the right reasons. It’s easy to admire how Joe perceives the woman he longs for. He truly seeks to find who they are as a person and loves every flaw they have. However, when things go wrong and he uses that knowledge to play on their psyche, will YOU still root for Joe? 

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