Letter to the Editor: Your Choices Can Put Other Lives at Risk

On October 10, 2014, my mom was hit and killed instantly by a distracted driver. We don’t know the exact reason for the distraction, and I’m sure the driver who killed her will never tell—but we have some ideas.

As the year anniversary of her death approaches it has been on my mind to send a reminder of how deadly of a weapon when you are driving.

That’s exactly what the detective on my mom’s case called it – a deadly weapon.

You look away for a second, that’s all it takes, and you kill an innocent person.

It’s not just texting or being on your phone. It can be the radio, heat or air conditioning, looking at another car or something you are passing by as you drive. Anything that takes your eyes off of the road and concentration on driving.

My mom was an active and healthy 80 year old “Jessica Lange” look-a-like. She is dead because of the stupidity of one person.

Please think of my mom when you are tempted to take your eyes off the road. Share my story with anyone you think that needs to hear it. I don’t want anyone to have to go through what my sister and I have in the past year.

Signed, Jodi Cotten-Konsur.

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