Women’s Basketball

It has long been said in sports that it is difficult to judge any player, team or coach based on a small sample size. While excellent performance over a short period of time can be a sign of greatness, it is certainly not guaranteed. For this reason, it is hard for anyone to really judge WCC’s Women’s Basketball team just yet. In a year of many cancelled and postponed games, things just aren’t going right for the Vikings Women’s Basketball team. With six of their first seven games cancelled so far this season, it is hard to assess where the WCC Vikings Women’s Basketball team is going to be in the standings just yet.

The Vikings had to cancel or postpone their games on October 26, November 6, November 15 and November 29, before finally playing on December 4. Since the last and so far only game they played against the Ulster Senators ended in a loss, they have no other games this season to judge in terms of performance. However, there were some impressive performances by Westchester players in the game, despite the loss.

In what was ultimately their 2018-2019 season debut, the WCC Vikings Women’s basketball team lost at home to Ulster Community College, with a final score of 56 to 29. Not having suffered the numerous cancellations and postponements that have plagued the Vikings’ schedule, Ulster has still only put up a tepid record of 2-7 so far this season. From the beginning, Ulster pulled ahead 11 to 0 over the struggling Vikings. The Vikings put up a fight, but were unable to bring the score to below a ten point margin.

Despite the disappointing results of their debut, the Vikings still showcased some promising talent from some of their emerging rookie players. The best performance of the night for Westchester came from Freshman forward Paige Collins, who managed a double double with 12 points and 16 rebounds. Freshman Jada Tom also had a fine night with 10 points and six steals, while Shania Rodriguez contributed five points, six rebounds and two blocked shots on the night.

Since this disappointing 58-29 loss, the Vikings have had both their December 6 game against the Orange CC Colts, and their December 8th game against the Suffolk CC Sharks postponed. It is hard to judge a team on one game, especially when they have been off the court for so long. Though winless in their only attempt this year, the Vikings press on, determined to dominate the rest of the season.

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