Wellness Center

The WCC Personal Counseling Department is stepping up its efforts to further engage with students as they will be hosting numerous events and workshops throughout the semester. While the counseling department has conducted events such as these in the past, this year will see an increase in the amount offered and a more consistent schedule.   

The catalyst for this new initiative is a new full-time hire to the department. Patrick Sheehan, who gives the department the ability to take on this added workload  of consistent sessions and events.

“I think my goal this year is to just increase our presence on campus, now that I’m full-time I really want to reach out and connect with students.  Also to let students know that we’re here if you need to even just come in and vent one day,” Said Patrick Sheehan.

“The Personal Counseling Department has always done programing, this year we’re trying to make it more consistent and frequent,” said Kristy Robinson, WCC counselor.  This consistency will be in the form of weekly events. These events can range from presentations by different speakers, to Yoga sessions to teach about the body and mindfulness.  

One of the first events done by the counseling department was the “Wellness Wins Kickoff Event,” which featured not only games and prizes, but dogs. Five dogs to be exact, were brought in for the students to play with.  Then every student who came had to take a “pledge to take care of themselves.” The students were encouraged to keep up this pledge throughout the year.

“I’m definitely excited for the program called ‘Selfie Esteem,’ which talks about the impact of social media on self esteem. It will be a facilitated conversation, where students can drop in.  There will be a presentation followed by an open discussion,” said Krissy Robinson.

Some events will be as simple as a conversation between students and some faculty.  An example of this is “Mindful Mondays,” which will happen every Monday at 8:30am. At this event they will serve tea, and students can discuss a variety of things such as how their weekend was, or what their goals are for the week.    

“I think counseling in and of itself still has a lot of stigma attached to it, that’s something we’re trying to approach with these wellness programs on campus,” said Patrick Sheehan.  “It’s hard for people to walk through that door , they can feel like ‘Am I gonna be seen as crazy? Does this mean there’s something wrong with me?’ It doesn’t, it just means you’re a normal college student.”

The Personal Counseling Department does of course offer individual counseling to students who would like to utilize it.  Students can meet with either Krissy or Patrick in their offices in the student center, or attend one of the events this semester.       

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