WCC Hosts Alcohol and Substance Abuse Awareness Day

Westchester Community College hosted Alcohol and Substance Abuse Awareness Day on Wednesday, Nov. 9. The event was sponsored by WCC’s Health Office and the SUNY WCC Medical Society.

The main goal of WCC’s Alcohol and Substance Abuse Awareness Day was to provide resources and supports to students, in order to help them lead happy and safe lives.

In total, there were 21 agencies and WCC clubs that attended the event. These organizations supplied materials, resources, and information for students.

As the participants walked through the room, they were given pamphlets and flyers that relayed important information, as well as free merchandise, from the organizations.

The organizations from off-campus were Planned Parenthood, Crunch Fitness, Putnam/Northern Westchester Women’s Resource Center, The Harris Project, Drug Crisis in Our Backyard, Lexington Center for Recovery, HIV Testing, Phelps Memorial Northwell Health, Anxiety & Phobia Treatment Center, St.Vincent’s Hospital, MVP Health Plan, and Student Assistance Services ROAD.

The on-campus organizations based at Westchester Community College were comprised of the WCC Personal Counseling and Health Department, WCC Criminology Club, WCC Respiratory Care Club, WCC Foods & Nutrition Club, WCC EMS Club, WCC Future Nurses Club, NAMI, and the WCC Medical Society.

Although the main focus of the day revolved around the use of drugs and alcohol, there were additional resources available regarding the general well-being of students. Sexual assault, domestic violence, physical health, nutrition, and anxiety were all large components of the event.

There were many visuals and interactive learning opportunities. At most of the organization’s tables, there were informational posters with visuals that gave the participants an insight into the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

The WCC Respiratory Care Club had two lungs at their table—one from a smoker and one from a non-smoker. The smoker’s lung was black and burned, whereas the non-smoker’s lung was healthy and red.

The EMS club was teaching about Narcan, “a safe and easy way to treat a heroin or opiates overdose”, according to Amy Jackson, a member of the club. They were teaching participants how to apply the nasal spray on a medical dummy.

Planned Parenthood attended the event and supplied HIV testing for students in parking lot 8. The Planned Parenthood van consistently had 1-3 people in it, seeking information or getting tested.
They provided information about safe sex, birth control, and gave away free condoms.

For students who are dealing with any of the aforementioned issues, WCC personal counseling and the Health Office on campus are great resources to take advantage of.

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