WARY and WEB Host Sumo Jam as a Respite From School Worries

The Westchester Events Board (WEB) and WARY radio station hosted Sumo Jam on Thursday November 10th in the Physical Education Building. The event was full of activities including jousting, oversized glove boxing, a bounce house and as the name suggested a chance to wear a sumo outfit and battle in a “new twist on an ancient sport”.

Students that attended and participated in the event were placed in a soft sumo suits and according the rules of the game had to push each other outside of the designated competition circle to win. Slamming each other into the ground was a normal sight on the gym floor as the participants fell and rolled around attempting to get up in the oversized suits, laughing all the while.

“I was not prepared for today, that first crash caught me off guard. That was fun though,” said Daniel White after a particularly intense sumo battle.

Generally WEB hosts an “end of the year extravaganza” but the timing this year seems perfect. After a stressful few weeks with testing and the presidential elections Sumo Jam is just what was needed to unwind and let out a little pent up energy. The smiles in the gym were overwhelming and infective.

“The purpose of the event is just that everyone could enjoy themselves. We usually do this at the end of the year but I thought this would be best. People just finished midterms, probably stressing about how they’re failing so I was like ‘they don’t need to stress, just to enjoy themselves,’” said WEB member Nando Toro.

Students were either challenging each other to battle in any of the three combat activities or were throwing around frisbees and footballs. Some danced to the sound of the DJ playing top hits. Overall it was a great distraction from the recent worries of both school and the world.

“Its great, its fun. This is the perfect stress reliever,” said Margaret Lee.

The event was a huge success and gave everyone a chance to fight their friends without injury or hard feelings, it’s not often you can beat up a buddy and walk away happy. The benefit of such events can last long after it’s ended so next time you see a notice on the board, give it a try.

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