Voosh Bag of the Year: Anti-Feminist Blogger Becomes the Most Hated Man in the World

Maryland blogger, Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V, has earned himself worldwide infamy with his controversial beliefs of anti-feminism and neo-masculinity. Roosh calls himself a professional pick-up artist, claiming he can seduce any woman.

The ‘rape advocate’ has admitted to having non consensual sex before with more than one woman in some of his self published works. His most controversial belief is that women are to blame for being raped rather than the man.

Roosh believes that women are not sufficiently self-aware, which leads to their inevitable downfall and in order to protect women, making rape legal on private property would stop rape almost entirely.

Roosh also believes this will keep women on their toes and more aware about the risk of rape and hanging around sketchy guys, saying that if rape was legal, women would protect themselves more, eventually stopping rape all together. He argued this in a blog, which after being flagged on the Internet as a ‘rape advocate,’ he placed a notice that the writing was satire.

He is a member of an organization called Return of Kings, which their main priority is to “usher the return of the masculine man in a world where masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favor of creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men.”

Roosh has 15 self-published novels related to seducing woman of different nationalities; One entitled “Bang: The pickup bible that helps you get more lays.”

“I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds,” said Roosh in his blog.

Surprisingly, Roosh does not advocate the actual act of rape, although he admits to having sex with women who were not able to consent, which is an absurd oxymoron.

Roosh’s infamy spread and people were outraged at what he was preaching. His words influenced over 40,000 people to sign an online petition in order to ban him from the United Kingdom as a whole, and they aren’t the only ones. Australia and Canada have sought to ban him from their territories as well.

On Feb. 6, Roosh had intended to hold organized meetings at over 100 locations worldwide for “like minded individuals.” He decided to cancel them due to safety concerns, although he did state that he cannot stop his followers from meeting.

Protesters showed up by the hundreds at the initial meet up locations, deterring followers of Roosh to participate in the Return of Kings’ gatherings, including a women’s boxing club, The Toronto Newsgirls. Throughout the protest events, Roosh tweeted in response to photos that people tagged him, making comments on those in attendances appearances, rather than defending himself in the moment.

When it comes to the blogger’s ideals, WCC students are not in agreement. When interviewed, students explained their thoughts on what rape meant and a woman’s role to men, along with the circumstances of rape.

Rachael Schulze defined rape as “forced sex without consent,” while Julia Dabby defined it as “unwanted sexual activity.”

When Brenner Guerra was asked to define what rape is, he replied with almost a textbook definition of it.

“Rape is engaging in any sexual activities which includes touching bare body parts without clear, sober consent of the other person,” said Guerra.

When is comes to who’s to blame for the act of rape, Roosh would point out that it’s a woman’s fault for becoming targeted. Students would argue against it, stating that women should be respected as equals, not as prey.

“I highly disagree with this,” said Dabby. “Nobody asked to be raped and everybody has the right to say no.”

Roosh V also made it clear on numerous occasions, including the press conference he held in Washington D.C. back on Feb. 6, that women should absolutely be submissive to men. All the interviewees not only disagreed, but expressed shock to such an absurd idea.

“It’s nobody’s job to be submissive to their partner,” said Guerra, and Schulze complemented it with an “absolutely not.”

“No, are you kidding me?” asked Dabby when confronted with this thought idea.

Unfortunately, it’s not a joke, the misogynist blogger, Roosh V speaks such ideas so casually that he finds rape and women being degraded back to 1950’s standards suitable for satire.

The Blogger does have the right to publicly speak on such things, underneath the First Amendment, but for WCC students and those who protested his “Men Only” hangout, they also have the right to say that the man is crazy.

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