Visual Arts Students Showcase Work At Portfolio Day

Art students and schools gathered at the Fine Arts Gallery in the Hankin Academic Arts Building for 15th annual portfolio day on Thursday, November 10th from 4-6 pm.
Students from WCC’s Visual Arts program, that took the portfolio prep class, had been preparing for portfolio day. Students that take the portfolio prep class prepare their portfolios to show to other schools.
For an art student, transferring schools is not as simple as taking an entrance exam that tests you on math, English and science. These students have to show their work and skills to prospective art schools.
Portfolio day functions in the same manner as a transfer fair. Eighteen schools were present, and the gallery was filled with students hauling hefty black portfolios containing their work.
Some students, rather than hauling large portfolios, brought in small sketchbooks instead. There was even a student who had brought in a lamp, which she decorated herself, and another who brought in a miniature model of a house.
The goal of this event was to have students successfully transfer to a four-year art school.
“During this event, students get critiqued on their work,” said Melissa Hall, the main coordinator of the event. “Schools look at the student’s work and tell them what can be improved upon, and what works in regards to that particular school’s requirements. There are even some lucky students that are accepted on the spot ”.
Not only does this help students get into other colleges it also helps WCC as a whole.
“This event puts WCC on the map,” said Hall. “It enables schools to see what talent our students have. Because of that, we are able to continue having schools come.
Student Josue Artavia, a visual arts major shared his thoughts. He had visited Lehman College, showing the school representative his work. The representative critiqued his drawing skills and digital art. Artavia was told that he should work on his drawing but his digital art is good for the school.
“It’s a great way to get good feedback and to know what I can get better at,” said Artavia.
Daniel Castro, who was hoping to get into SUNY Purchase, also said that “It’s great. It’s good to know where I can improve my work and what my strong points are.”

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