Virginia Marx Children’s Center

The Virginia Marx Children’s Center is going on it’s 33rd year of serving Westchester County, as a place where children can learn and express themselves while having fun. Receiving an outstanding 5 out of 5 stars from QUALITY stars NY, Virginia Marx prepares toddlers for the next step in their lives as growing individuals.

With some curricula circled around various activities pertaining to children’s interests, the children who attend Virginia Marx have shown significant progress from the time when they first enrolled, to their graduation at the center.

Thanks to the interactivity, lessons, and support the center offers, many of the children have been able to easily adjust to an institution of higher-level education. “The first babies that enrolled, graduated with their bachelor’s degree from Columbia, Harvard, and Boston”, says Susan Zucker, Director of the Children’s Center.

Zucker expressed that most people are not aware of their existence here on campus or assume that it is just a day-care. “It is much more than that”, Zucker says. “It is a family center and a school.”

Virginia Marx works with the entire family to prepare the kids for their future. “They leave here with a lot of skills and tools that will help them in kindergarten”, Zucker says. Journaling is one of the many ways parents can get involved in their toddlers’ lives at school; seeing the progress their child has made through their doodles and writing skills, and writing alongside their work, making notes. “It is a means to let the parent see what their child does.”

“A child is not an island unto themselves”, says Zucker, quoting John Donne’s famous line, “no man is an island.”

Virginia Marx offers internships at the center to students enrolled in WCC’s Early Childhood course, as well as allowing psychology students to observe infants for their projects. “We offer scholarships for students who want to take care of children”, says Zucker. “As well as scholarships for the student-parents who are in need of financial assistance.”

Self-expression is very important at the Children’s center and it can be seen through the various activities the Children’s Center takes part in, such as music, painting, and even yoga.

Musical therapy has been a great influence. “While the children are painting, we play different types of music to influence their style of brush strokes”, says Zucker. And the paintings that the children create have been put on display in the Academic Arts Building in the Fine Arts Gallery for the Virginia Marx 13th annual art exhibition and silent auction.

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