The Viking View

The Fall semester is in full swing. WCC’s halls are filled with students both returning and new. If you need proof that our student population is vast, try to find a parking space for your 10 o’clock class. Or your 11. Or your 2. A new academic year is always a waiting game.

You wait to find a parking space, you wait on line to register for classes, you wait on line at the financial aid office so you can pay for classes.  At the end of one line you find out you now have to wait on another. And what happens at the end of it all? You get put on a waitlist.

It always feels like an uphill battle, and sometimes it feels hopeless.  Sometimes all you can hope for is that the waiting area has comfortable chairs. So what’s the secret to avoiding long waits?  

You’re not going to like it: It’s arriving early. And that is something no one ever wants to hear because they are most definitely tired of hearing it. But the fact of the matter is that you hear it so much because it’s true.

Being early has advantages. I remember once on the financial aid line, the officer there said “If you just get here before 10am, this line goes a lot faster, cause then I’m still fresh and have  just had my coffee.”

Finally, remember these words of wisdom (from an anonymous internet quote) the next time you’re waiting for a space to open up in the parking lot:

“If you’re early you’re on time.

If you’re on time, you’re late.

And if you’re late it means you don’t want to be there.”   

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