Would Arming Teachers Ensure Safety in Schools?

Would arming teachers ensure safety in schools?

The NRA and advent supporters of the Second Amendment argue that having teachers armed would prevent future school shooting tragedies. While it sounds like it would encourage that everyday hero, putting more guns into schools is asking for trouble.

Forcing teachers to be armed while dealing with students in any emotional environment does not bode well for the parties involved. It is not safe to have more guns in school for protection because even with proper training, these teachers will still be prone to mistakes that can prove to be deadly.

We also have to consider that some teachers may not be comfortable with having a gun on them in the classroom, especially if it could mean potentially aiming it at a person in a dangerous situation.

Arming teachers will not solve the problem. What we need is a better practice of our current gun control laws and more accountability of gun store owners.

It may help end certain shooting incidents faster once they have already started, but it doesn’t address the root of the issue in any way. The fact is far too many dangerous people are able to obtain guns and carry out attacks and a math teacher with a gun does not do anything to change that.

Why is it important that we start including Black History into American History all year round instead of just dedicating one month a year to it?

To set a single month aside for Black History defeats the purpose of its intended use of acknowledging the lives of African Americans. Black History is American History. From the earliest days of grade school students can recite a song about Christopher Columbus but don’t hear the tales of the Underground Railroad or touch on Martin Luther King Jr until the month of February and, in some cases, not until they near middle school.

Black History should be incorporated into American History because it will expose Americans to the positive contributions African Americans made to the country. Teaching Black History all year round would be a step in a direction where people of color are not treated with insensitivity, disdain, and disrespect.

Black History is so interwoven with American culture that it is of utmost importance to include it in the context of teaching students about the history of the United States.

The story of America is the story of all the different peoples who have called America their homes for several generations. To set aside one group of people at a particular time is to reinforce the idea that such a group is an “other.”

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