SGA Meet the Senators

The Student Government Association held its “Meet the Senators” event on Thursday, September 27th 2018, giving the opportunity for the WCC student body to be introduced to their SGA representatives which will involve themselves in all matters pertaining to student life.

Meet the Senators was held in the events room at the Student Center from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and was designed with a speed dating format, rotating students, giving everyone a chance to ask questions while being treated with food and entertaining ice breakers. The intention of the event was to make the senators more comfortable with each other and the student body before the overnight senate retreat as well as introducing potential ideas and discussing campus related issues.

In attendance were 12 out of the 13 senators.  Jessie Gomez, Joel Andrade, William Astudillo, Isaiah Williams, Leonardo Arenas, Charles Greco, Melissa Lugones, Juan Sebastian Baculima Chicaiza, Kasha Mughal, Benito Muniz, Omowaye Jedege, Sam Nadel, Joel Polanco. These senators were elected into office by a majority vote of WCC student from elections held between Monday September 24th  through Wednesday September 26th.

“The  Meet the Senators event was a great networking opportunity to meet and get acquainted with the senators and members of the student body, Seeing whos like minded and which issues we should tackle. It’s going to be a collaborative effort to improve school life, attacking issues like revamping WCC Club activities funding, said Sam Nadel SGA senator. And Accounting Club Vice President of Events.

The event began with an introductory speech by SGA President Ava Tapia, where she introduced the Eboard and expressed her excitement to get to know the SGA. Afterwards, the event served food and drinks. At 4:30 or so, the master of ceremonies, Trustee Elizabeth Lugones, instructed the senators to sit down and get ready to answer some questions.

“The event allowed Senators to concretely define their goals to the student body and other SGA senators. This discussion of ideas is the beginning of how policies on campus are created, Said John Henry, SGA Secretary.

Various members of the student body and some EBoard members got to sit with two senators at a time and hear their responses to questions for about 5 minutes. The questions such as “why did you choose to be a senator?” and “who inspires you?”After these introductory questions, shifted gear and the SGA entertaining ice breakers at 5:00.

These ice breakers included games like Eye Contact, where everyone gets into a circle and when the leader says go they had to look up and make sure to not be making eye contact with someone else in the circle, Senator Omowaye Jegede won. Next, they played entourage, a huge game of Rock, Paper and Scissors. When someone loses, they had to become the “hype man” for the person they lost to. This lead to two giant crowds screaming at the finals.

These ice breakers lasted until about 6 when the event ended and the eboard thanked all those who came through.

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