Seven Minutes in Heaven: Feeling 90’s Nostalgia

The Drama Club and Vikings Theatrical performed “Seven Minutes in Heaven” on campus with a cast of six students who brought laughter and memories of the 90’s to the audience in the Academic Arts theater.

“It’s a coming of age story, Margot trying to navigate how her first real relationship is gonna work, Phoebe trying to be an upbeat person even though her parents are fighting all the time, my character being in love with somebody who doesn’t feel the same way, things that all 14-year-olds go through,” said Jessica Cooper who played the character Ballard.

Seven Minutes in Heaven was hilarious, dramatic, emotional, and fun. It brought the audience to the magical moment of a first kiss, the awkward requests of a truth or dare game, and the drama of friends arguing for silly reasons.

The play happens at Margot’s house, she invited her friends over with the intention of introducing them to her new boyfriend Mike. Mike seemed to be running late and unintentionally causing some arguments and discussions between Margot and her friends who start to believe that he isn’t real.

“I thought it was a really interesting play, it takes place in the 90’s, the music and the clothes really interest me,” said the play Director Kai Parker.

The characters were all dressed up in clothing that resembled what teenagers used to wear in the 90s, and the scenario showed some old board games as well as a Nintendo Entertainment System that was owned by most kids in the 90’s.

The production took more than six months to finally get to the stage, with rehearsals and finding the right people being a real struggle. A few people dropped the production because of other jobs and responsibilities they had, so new people had to be found and consequently had less time to rehearse and memorize all their lines.

“I loved it, it was a really stressful time period but looking back it was all worth it, I learned a lot and got to meet some really nice people,” said Parker.

Most of the cast was composed by students from the drama club but Maxwell Hoefer, who played Hunter, was not one of those.

“Max, who never acted before, came in a month prior to the play and had to know the whole script, know his lines and I think he did a pretty good job, for someone who never acted before and this was his first thing, I think he did an amazing job,” said Parker.

Hoefer is a Mechanical Engineer major who never before in his life thought he would be an actor.

“We lost our Hunter about a month ago, and I invited Max to come hang out with us and he started to read lines and everybody just fell in love with him and we ‘forced’ him to stay,” said Amanda Hays, who played the main character Margot.

After his first time ever performing on a stage, and even though Hoefer wasn’t into acting before, he confessed that this play sparkled some new ideas on his mind.

“I was terrified, tension was high before the show, but we pulled it together and it was great. I’m looking to do more acting, maybe a couple other plays, it’s not really my forte but it’s something I really got into it because the rest of the cast was really nice and positive about it, it makes me wanna do more,” said Hoefer.

The opening show was performed on March 3, with the other two performances held on March 4 and 5. Both the crew and the audience were happy and had fun with the performance.

“I’m just really happy, it went really well, I’m really satisfied with how it went, I’m not disappointed at all, and the turnout was really really good,” said Cooper.

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