The Scallion’s Return to The Viking News

To The Viking News editors:

I am glad to see The Scallion’s return to The Viking News.  We are always in need of good satire, perhaps now more than ever.  However, the recent article, “New Camera Makes Non-Minority Students Feel Like Criminals,” by “Tom Foolery,” is disturbingly offensive. Satire and parody by their nature are always going to offend someone.  But after reading that article, I want to know why the student newspaper decided to offend in a racist way.

Satire or not, to say directly that “minority students” are “unfazed” about arrests and mugshots while “non-minority” students are innocent of those experiences is explicitly racist.  Did author “Tom Foolery” and the Viking News editorial staff miss noticing Ferguson, Cleveland, Baltimore, Staten Island, St. Louis—it’s a list that goes on and on, leading right up to the front door of the White House and a president who calls for police to be rougher?

I’m sure the campus can accommodate many different views and statements about policing and race, and I support, as well as teach, respectful disagreement.  But it is anything but respectful when the college’s newspaper aligns itself with the most demeaning and false beliefs about minorities and crime.

Even if the Viking writers and editors would claim that they are not racists and did not mean to offend minority students with their satire, they have still been plainly insensitive to the fact that minorities in this country are anything but “unfazed” when it comes to encounters with the police and legal system, indeed that their suffering within that system has been and continues to be great.

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