Restructured Student Association Fees Raise’s Tuition Cost

WCC Board of Trustees votes to restructure tuition fees, making aspects of tuition-cost reasonable for part time students, while also allocating further funding towards improving student life.

Starting this semester, students will be experiencing a minor price-level change towards their final cost of tuition. The funding from tuition costs are diverted into categories that focus on educational needs like equipment and counseling services. The Faculty-Student Association fees, which contain costs for the college’s many services and student activities, are this years focus.

The increase in Student Service Fees is long overdue as it hasn’t been raised in years. Prior to the change, part-time students were paying a flat rate of 33 dollars for their service fees towards the final tuition cost, regardless of the total amount of credits enrolled. Now, all students will pay $7.50 per credit. This makes the full-time and part-time students cost per credit fee equal.  

The rationale behind the per-credit cost is to give the part-time student a more reasonable fee towards their tuition, since the part time student may not have the time or need to use all of the services and student activities available to him/her. When compared to the full-time student, the price will be lowered in relation to how many credits the student takes.

“A per-credit model creates equity for our students in terms of the fees they pay. This allows our division to better assist students and provide more meaningful experiences,” says Tiago Machado, Director of Student Involvement.

The restructured tuition also raises the service fees for full-time students from 43 to 48 dollars. The raised fees are reportedly needed to maintain the college’s goal to balance financial stability with affordability, and ensure the continued success of its mission as it provides accessible, high quality, and affordable education.

The Student Activity Fees fund the Tier 1 organizations like the Viking News, Power 88.1, WEB and the SGA, as well as other activities that pertain to student life at WCC. The Student Service fees cover the actual services that the college provides, like the counseling and transfer services found in the Student Center. Also starting this year, thanks to the added funding, Student Involvement will be setting up events for the college’s extension centers.

“As an institution that values access and equity across the board, I am excited to be able to extend involvement activities to the extension centers, ” says Machado.

The Viking News will continue to investigate the issue of the restructured fees and its future implications. This is an ongoing situation and changes will be expected throughout the semester to accommodate the college’s ever growing student body and it’s needs.

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