Private School vs. Public Schools: Which School Holds a Better Experience for Students?

Each year new parents have to make the decision, they choose public or private schools for their children. The cost is obviously different, but many more points can weigh in. There are pros and cons to each schooling system, but which is better overall?

A couple of great things about public schooling is that the teachers have more qualifications. This means more experience in and outside the classroom. Their jobs require higher education and hours upon hours of service and training seminars.

Public schools have a larger budget than most private schools because public schools are funded by the surrounding towns and taxpayers. Although it’s not free, it is less of a burden on families to send their child to public school because they are already paying for it. Private school parents are also paying for public schooling and also their private school tuition.

Meanwhile private schools have a lower budget because they are supported by the church and their students tuition. Having more of a budget enables public schools to sponsor more activities and keep their students involved in the school.

Since private schooling can be so expensive, it is out of reach for students that come from less financially stable homes. As a result, students that attend public schools tend to be better immersed with different cultures and ethnicities within their own community.

There are however pros to private schooling too that one should consider. For instance, private schools have a lesser attendance. Smaller classes help students interact directly with their teacher, creating a better relationship with their mentors.

Private schools also instill proper morals and discipline, especially with schools that require uniforms. It helps prepare students for future career discipline, and it teaches respect and effort.

In 2011 only 26,230 students attended private schools, while almost 86 thousand attended public schools. Public schooling is a lot more popular among Americans because of the affordable cost and quality education.

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