Student Spotlight: Priscilla Largo

There are moments in our life where the only option that we have left is to make a change. Whether it is leaving your hometown and moving to a big city looking for your dreams to come true, or making the decision to become one of those people who advocate for change, and make it happen.

For many people, a community college is just like doing a couple more years in high school, where you won’t be able to have the “college” experience that is so much talked about, but whether or not you find meaning in the new chapter of your life and making the most out of it, is your decision to make.

Priscilla Lago, who currently is the president of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, didn’t let stereotypical views of community colleges change her purpose as she entered her new chapter here at WCC. Since she graduated from High School in 2017, she knew where she was going and what she was going to make out of it.

“I wanted to make the best out of my college experience and I didn’t just want to attend classes and then go to work”, Lago shared. “I wanted my experience to have meaning and I wanted to make others experience the same.”

Being a freshman in college is learning to deal with different emotions and conflicts within yourself; feeling like you are entering a whole new world where you’re just a tiny part of it.

Making her experience at WCC the best that she could, during her first semester, she started off in a Student Involvement program called Commit to Change, where she learned about not giving up. “after the first session I attended, I felt so out of place.” Lago said. “ I thought about not going back, however, I continued to go and It was the best decision I ever made. Not only did attending these sessions helped me become more confident in myself and become a leader, it opened up many doors and opportunities for me to grow as an individual.”

Lago’s success is noticeable through her presidency at Phi Theta Kappa, where she got inducted in her very first semester here at WCC. She was eligible to become a member, thanks to previous classes taken in High School, that rewarded her with college credits, 12 to be exact. “I realized I had so many opportunities here at WCC and I wanted to take advantage of all of them.” But this is just one of the many ways that Lago is involved at the school.

She has also participated in the Alternative Spring Break where she says the experience has changed her perception in many aspects. It made me realize how fortunate  I am to have a roof over my head, 3 meals a day, and a family I get to say good morning and goodnight to everyday,” Lago said with gratitude. “It was truly an eye opening experience I will never forget.”

Lago is also Vice President of Retention and Recruitment at WEB, an Admissions Ambassador, and was an Orientation Leader/Peer Advisor this summer, making her a very involved student here on campus.

Although my biggest accomplishment here at WCC is becoming President of PTK, which is an honor and I am very proud of having this position, I never thought I had the potential in me to become a leader,” Lago said. “Or that I would represent our Community college, but here I am and I plan to accomplish much more.”

Her plans after WCC are to transfer to a 4 year college, with her goal being Columbia University, to pursue a career in Nursing. She plans to get her Bachelors and continue to become a Nurse practitioner, working in the ER.

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