Pottery Night at the Westchester County Center

Pottery today has become a calming mechanism and it has been said that it is a new form of Yoga. On Wednesday September 12, students attended a pottery class to relax, unwind and create. The class was held at the Westchester County Center, a few miles away from the Valhalla campus.       

Instructor Elizabeth Insogna was warm and welcoming to the students. The task was to make pinch pots formed and shaped by hand, using a pinching process in which the clay walls are thinned by pinching them with your thumb and forefinger.

It is a basic method for beginners but also just as relaxing for the experts. Insogna took her time to explain each step of molding the clay and was very patient. Some students were experienced clay molders, which showed beautifully in their work. Insogna guided those students that attended the class for the first time, giving tips to molding their clay into the pieces the students envisioned.

Insogna teaches multiple classes at the Westchester County Center. “I don’t really have a lot of time to work with,” Insogna says. “Three hours go by extremely quick, so I encourage to move the class along so everyone has the opportunity to finish the pieces that they started.”

The students were able to finish their pieces and enjoyed the creation process so much that they went as far as making two or three pieces. “I went crazy choosing three pieces and didn’t take my time with them,” says Sandra, one of the females that signed up for the class. ”I feel like I have creativity in me, but all these options; pottery, painting, culinary arts and interior design make it harder to decide what to do.”

Sometime in the middle of the class there was a wheel demo, in which each student was allowed a chance to experience the use of the pottery wheel. Now if you’re not familiar with a pottery wheel, think “Ghost,” a classic 90’s movie featuring Patrick Swayze. As Swayze intertwines with his onscreen girlfriend on the pottery machine, it becomes pretty intense and electrifying. Minus the romance, the pottery machine can get intense but not to that extent, still it is incredibly soothing.

Altogether, There were about 30 students of all ages in the class. Mothers and daughters also attended the class together. It was a wonderful experience and many commented that they will be back.  If interested, students can sign up for pottery classes at the Westchester County Center. They are ongoing and there is a fee of 30 dollars per class. While building creative skills, students also take home their piece of work. It is authentic and personal, so sign up and get creative!

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