Poetess Alumna Recites at WCC

In honor of National Poetry Month, poetess Nina Robins came to WCC to talk about her literary work. Along with recitals of her poems, she ran a writing workshop to help writers find their creative niche, before engaging the audience with a Q and A.

Robins started writing poetry at the age of 14 and that was the beginning of a promising future for her. She then went on to perform at the National Poetry Slam, both times representing WCC, as she is one of our alumni. She aims to write a poem every day during April in honor of national poetry month.

Depression and anxiety is a main theme in her writing, but is not constrained to just that. According to her, anything is worthy of a poem.

“It’s kind of my goal to write about every topic under the sun,” said Robins.

A deaf WCC student volunteering to read one of Nina Robins’ poems out loud. (Photo: Viridiana VIdales Coyt)

A deaf WCC student volunteering to read one of Nina Robins’ poems out loud. (Photo: Viridiana VIdales Coyt)

She finds inspiration to write from her personal favorite writers, primarily Sharon Olds. To begin her writing process she likes to read a few poems in order to help expand her creativity.
Fighting anxiety and depression throughout her life, writing has and continues to serve as a form of therapy for Robins.

“It just feels good, it’s like taking a dump,” said Robins.

While performing, Robins just seems like a natural, but surprisingly she admits to frequently feeling nervous while doing so. At the slam, she encouraged anyone to come up and give a shot at performing, whether it was written down or purely off the top of the head.

The theme of the event was the feeling of “home.” She stressed home did not have to be a house, rather a place where one feels most comfortable. Hesitant and nervous, this did not stop students to go up on stage and speak of their personal definition of home.

In Robins’ debut novel, Supermarket Diaries, she writes about everything that’s on her mind, whether it’s her day job at a grocery store, religion, or old friends. She writes with no regret, honest with her feelings and thoughts, she does not care much about popular opinions.
Robins is determined to once again perform at the National Poetry Slam in August.

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