Plaque Behind Hartford Hall Commemorates 2013 E-Board Legacy

A plaque on a rock on the lawn behind Harford Hall marks the spot where a time capsule was buried in 2013.
According to Patrick Hennessy, Director of Communications at Westchester Community College, it was a project created by the Student Government, headed by former Student Government President Taje Champagnie.
Taje Champagnie, who has since graduated from WCC, says it was a project by the E-Board, Student Involvement Administration, and the works department to “commemorate a very successful generation of E-Board members in an SGA with a history of infighting and lack of student body cooperation.”
The time capsule, which is supposed to be opened in 2028, serves as a symbol for the legacy of the E-Board in 2013.
“We wanted to do something very frugal as our generation’s send off as our predecessors had followed a tradition of sometimes indulging in expenses that didn’t create benefits outside of themselves,” said Champagnie. “This time capsule cost very little money and it was used for members of the student body, even outside of the SGA, for which to look forward.”
“Do Work Son”, the SGA E-Board slogan of 2012-2013, is inscribed on the plaque.
“It became a slogan for our generation at the college,” said Champagnie. “It stemmed from a conversation I was having with our Vice President and Director of Public Relations.”
“We had gotten new offices and were discussing decorating. VP Cyndy Shaw said my office needed one of those big inspirational posters and after joking around we landed on the phrase ‘Do Work Son.’”
“Our DPR ordered shirts and sunglasses with our official slogan that night,” says Champagnie, “and it just stuck after that. We even had other schools in the SUNY/CUNY system asking for our shirts and sunglasses because of the slogan. It seemed appropriate to leave it on the plaque that acted as our reminder to go back to the place where we did so much work, son“
What is inside the time capsule, however, remains a mystery until it is opened in May of 2028.

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