Pro-lifers hold Protest at Planned Parenthood in White Plains

In White Plains, members of 40 Days For Life, an international Pro-life campaign, gathered on November 4 outside Planned Parenthood in hopes of ending abortion.

Women and men of all ages and ethnicities stood in the cold, holding homemade candles and signs that read “Abortion is murder” and “Adoption is an acceptable alternative,” in an attempt to draw awareness of the dangers of abortion. Some began praying for those who they believe are victims of abortion.

“We believe that life begins at conception,” stated, member of 40 Days For Life, and WCC student Sarah Perez .

This belief is the driving force behind the 40 Days For Life movement, which states that “since life begins at conception, it is considered human life thus no one has the right to take it away.”

The event was visited by Matt Britton, General Counsel for the 40 Days For Life movement. He spoke to the audience about his experience with abortion, as well as the effect it has on women’s mental health and on society as a whole.

His speech was met with a combination of cheers and applause as he stressed the immorality of abortion, and how abortion is not simply just a women’s rights issue, but a human rights issue.

Sharing his experience with protesting Planned Parenthood in states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Britton claimed that women are affected by seeing someone pray for them as they walk in for an abortion.

“Some women don’t go through with it,” said Britton, explaining how some women will have a change of heart and rethink their decision.

Britton ended his segment by claiming that 40 Days For Life has saved thousands of children all over the world from being aborted. He notes that it’s crucially important to develop programs for poverty stricken women, so they won’t see abortion as their only option.

As the event went on, multiple passersby showed either discontent or support for the group; shouting obscenities at them or honking their horns in support of their efforts. One unknown individual shouted “Vote Republican!” in support of the group.

Gerald Yeung, Coordinator of the White Plains 40 Days For Life chapter, made it clear that the motivation of their movement is to “promote respect for human life,” and that their event is to “Call upon god for 40 days to help people live and to love.”

The group is not associated with any political party and does not support any political candidates. The main focus of their campaign is not to draw people to the ballot boxes, but rather to change perception on the morality of abortion.

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