First Ever Philo Talk Focuses on Love

True love is a strong, unconditional, and lasting affection between two people. It is essential to marriage, but love doesn’t obligate marriage, although society dictates it to some extent.

On Wednesday, Feb. 14, WCC Philosophia Honors Society hosted its first Philo Talk to exchange ideas about the definition love. The event that coincided with Valentine’s day was the brainchild of the Philosophia Executive Board as a forum to share and discuss interesting topics.

“We live in a world where those with different ideas are viewed as ‘the other’ and we struggle to get past this caricature. Hence the idea of the Philo Talk, here at philosophia we are trying to develop an ongoing event where we can discuss hard topics in a kind of ‘safe space for ideas,” said Andrew Loeschner Club Representative on the inception of the event and opening the floor for Philo Talk to have interesting and possibly contentious discussions .

The keynote speaker was Honors Philosophy Professor Dr. Dwight Goodyear, who facilitated the conversation.The event transitioned from a discussion on the definition of love to a deeper discussion of its relationship to marriage and other institutions.

Some of the key issues  mentioned were the purpose of marriage and the progression of traditions such as marriage being rejected or accepted by the youth today. The Philo Talk generated a very lively exchange of ideas and opinions.

“I think the discussion on ‘what is love’ and ‘what are your thoughts on marriage’ was interesting and necessary,” said Andrew Loeschner about the event. “They’re both ideas that people are confronted with their whole lives but rarely have the opportunity to sort out within a group discussion. So, there is a lot to take away simply from discussing it with others.”

Another attendee, Jamila Desir, said, “It was interesting and allowed us to hear what other people’s  perspective on what love was.” According to Desir, she wished the discussion was held differently so that everyone had an equal opportunity to chime in.

Paula Abila, a student from the audience, said the event was a stimulating conversation and similar events would be welcomed in the future. Overall, the event provided an understanding of what love is in different perspectives and how it grows in marriage over time.

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