Once Upon a Time: End of Year Fashion Show

WCC’s Fashion club hosted an incredible spectacle for the campus, as the academic arts theater was transformed into a runway, with student models showing off what WCC student fashion designers could create.

Stacy Scibelli, the curriculum chair and mentor for the fashion designers introduced the audience to the show, expressing her pride in the work the club as well as fashion students have gone through to make this event happen, working day and night over the original one of a kind designs.

Before the models hit the runway however, the audience was treated to a performance from the Dance Club, showing off their own talent with rhythm and body coordination.

The Fashion Show itself had four separate showings, the first of which presented designs with the requirement of using re-purposed clothing to create a brand new style of their own. In addition, the students were asked to let nothing go to waste.

Following the apparel and design portion, students in and out of the fashion major were invited to create designs for a competition, where the designers used nontraditional materials to create designs fit for the catwalk. Items used by the students ranged from organic material such as moss and tree bark to wrapping paper and plastic.

Following mini completion, which was judged at the end of the show, student designs from the local BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) technical school were able to hit the stage. These designs produced by high schoolers showed great potential for future, some ready for the market today.

The final portion of the showcase was the show stopper, where students were asked to create a small collection, three separate outfits which had a theme or story to it. The stories were told with use of material, color, texture and imagination for the audience to take in.

Designs produced ranged from retelling of well-known stories in pop culture to original ideas.

Both models and designers were applauded on their efforts to bring fashion sense to the campus, but only one could be crowned victorious in the Non-Textile competition. Josefa Civit and her model, Lesley Tones were placed in first by the show’s judges.

With the use of wrapping paper, Civit’s theme for her colorful design was built on a futuristic and galaxy mindset, setting her design out from the rest of the contestants who took on a more earth tone. I guess one could say her designs were ‘out of this world.’

Congratulations were given to other students as well, for their success in the field, including two students who earned internships in France.

“Very Amazing. Inspiring actually,” said a member of the crowd, Amanda Albert. “Now I think I want to get into fashion after seeing what other students can do.”

Karen Schlusberg, a curriculum chair for Fashion Merchandising, beamed with joy over the success of the show, knowing the dedication and time students put into the event.

“It’s a masterpiece really,” stated Schlusberg. “The students put their hearts onto the cloth and it really shows.”

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