The “Front Page” News: Negativity A Major Issue With the News Today

The news, for some time has been credited with educating the people on events and topics they possibly haven’t heard of. There are countless outlets to get this information from. Some of the popular newspaper examples being the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. For modern audiences, there’s also many different news stations such as PBS, ABC, CBS, FOX, and countless others. However, the news has seen better days in the eyes of the public. A U.S. President bringing the idea of fake news to the forefront of public opinion seems to be gaining a lot of attention. A major issue many people have with the media today though is its focus on negativity.

Students around the campus have expressed disinterest in many of the topics discussed on some of the more mainstream outlets. Student Juan Villegas said, “Nowadays when you watch the news there’s always a sad or bad story being covered. Not often do you see anything positive from CBS, Fox or even CNN. It’s all about ratings and entertainment.”

Other students around campus have cited similar reasoning from separate news sources. “I don’t want to hear about a deadly mugging everytime I switch on NBC. I hate watching commercials that ask for you to tune in to find out what happened,” student Brayan Toribulo said about the mainstream channels. “Even New York Times and Politico like to get over dramatic with a wicked homicide or the worst double mugging in Westchester ever seen. I just want the news and the news shouldn’t always be about the bad.”

Some people avoid the news all together. “Yeah, I don’t watch the news anymore. It’s too political and I feel like I don’t need that right now,” said Tyler Grate, who was once a monthly subscriber to New York Post and The Wall Street Journal.

Many newspapers love to have rich and juicy stories covering their front pages. The main stories covered this week were a mixed bag, but a majority highlighted a more negative aspect of American journalism. The New York Times and The Washington Post had a string of consistent articles about Brett Kavanaugh, Bill Cosby’s trial, Tesla’s shares of stock tanking again, and more. Not the most positive news stories, but ones they believe the public should be invested in.

Local news channels also put forth Kavanaugh, homicide, suicide, leaking water pipes, missing children and kangaroos (yes you read that right). It seems as though the news is set on a trajectory the public doesn’t want to follow. Not everyone agrees, depending on the people asked. However, a majority stated clearly that their trust in the news was broken already. If the news doesn’t find some kind of reform soon, many people might not be interested in what it provides, and ignorance is a far worse road to go down.

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