New STEM Program Offers Students Unique Academic Opportunities

A new program is available for the STEM students of WCC. The program now known as STEM Scholars, is a collaboration with Mercy College, formed to give support to WCC students who are pursuing their associates in 1 of 6 STEM related fields offered by both WCC and Mercy College.

These fields include Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Cybersecurity, Mathematics, Psychology, and Biology. Students enrolled in the STEM Scholars program will receive a number of benefits and resources, aimed at helping both the students’ academic career as well as their professional career. And because the program is a collaboration with Mercy College, participating students will have a “seamless transfer” to the corresponding Mercy bachelors program after they receive their associates from WCC, though transfer to Mercy is not required from the program.  

These benefits include access to individual counseling, mentorship and tutoring.  Participating Students will also get to attend a four week “Summer Research Academy” conducted at the Mercy College campus. During research academy, students will participate in a number of field trips, one of which includes participating in an actual research project in their related academic field. This serves as an opportunity for students to gain insight into what working in their field will be like.

“They are working in small groups which helps them become more comfortable with working on a team and develop comradery,” said Diane Krusko, the program specialist.  “These summer programs are very hands on, which really helps the students learn. That’s the beauty of working on the summer research project. Because they are working as a team, each student is bringing their individual expertise. You get to learn to work as a team and how to communicate with each other. These are all very valuable skills when you get out to the business world.”

 Only students in the previously mentioned STEM majors are eligible for the program, and they must meet certain requirements. Students must fill out an application which will include a brief essay explaining their interest in STEM and their career goals after achieving their bachelor’s degree.  

Requirements of the program include; maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.5. Then, students must have at least one monthly meeting with a mentor. They will also be required to have bi-weekly meetings with a transfer coach as well as the program specialist. Furthermore, attendance to the summer research academy is mandatory, as is attending no less than two joint events a semester. While the program targets incoming freshmen, returning students are also welcome to join the program as long as they meet the requirements.

STEM Scholars Program applications are available on the WCC website. For further information about the program, contact the STEM Scholar Program Team at 914-888-5207 or via email at

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