Music That Will Split Your Sides: Semi-Toned Wins Over WCC Audience

Who would have thought that a cappella could not only combine musical talent but wit as well? The critically acclaimed music group, Semi-Toned, certainly has perfected the art of singing in synchrony.

Founded in 2010, this all-male british a capella group has been making a scene on stage in recent years, performing around the world and picking up awards for their stellar performance.

With this talent, Semi-Toned became the first a cappella group to receive a prestigious Bobby Award, an award given to less than eight percent of musical performers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, truly an award given to the best of the best.

The group is full of energy, talent, charisma and wit, earning admiration from the Westchester based audience.

Their musical talent is not restricted to any one genre of music, the singers covered everything from rock to pop and even hit television original soundtracks like Game of Thrones.

Along with the ability to covering musical hits, the a capella group had a knack for getting the audience to laugh with their on stage performance.

At one point in the show, a member was asked to come to the stage, in order to help demonstrate the “traditional British art of seduction.” Once on stage, the woman was wooed with a romantic musical number from one of the singers, only to be covered with coats as the rest of the group began to serenade the original singer.

Another comical jest was when the group went to dedicate a song to “The Queen.” One would imagine that the English born performers meant the Queen Elizabeth II, but went on to cover a Beyonce song.

“The show was a phenomenal experience. The ages of the guys were quite varied but they all worked well together,” said the audience member Irving Derin.

Semi-Toned’s international success is no mystery. If any group is to reach the top in the field of a cappella, these guys are the top contenders.

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