Why You Should Consider a Music Festival This Summer

Young adults worldwide flock to music events to celebrate being temporarily away from the reality of life, jam and dance to music, eat munchies, be in good company, and drink a nice cold beer to tis to the summer air. As warm weather approaches, what better way to spend your free time than to listen to music and hang out with your friends. That’s what music festivals are great for — if you’re willing to drop a few bucks.

And at the end of the day, what brings people together better than music? Music festivals are the watering hole for friendships and even relationships. Now how cute is it if you met your soulmate at Afropunk, Grassroots, or Electric Zoo? And these yearly events are posted with their incredible line-up online for this coming Summer.

Thinking a little smaller, one of the biggest music festivals known to millennials across the United States is Coachella. It gives off those Woodstock vibes; being out in middle of nowhere, California, dry heat, and girls wearing flared pants with flowers in their hair. A-list music artists perform, and a lot of celebrities attend. Well-familiar to Instagram, The Jenner sisters (Kylie and Kendall Jenner), are known to bringing the heat when it comes to fashion.

The style that represents Coachella and other events are timeless where it more or less started at Woodstock, which the hippie town still exists, running on serving tourists, and still being known for their acceptance of marijuana.

The most important part is always the music and what the line-up is. Over a week ago, Ultra Music Festival in Miami was a hit. With performances by Marshmellow, Dj Snake, Armin Van Buuren, Axwell/Ingrosso, RL Grime, and a plethora of other known artists that hit the stage. Ravers attended in their futuristic flower child attire and danced until nights end.

What’s better than feeling the music vibrate through your soul, giving you the urge to lift your hands up and sway to the beat of the common love that fills the moonlit air. And when the beat drops you jump to the quaking under your feet. Arguably, there’s no better feeling than what music gives you.

Being that Raves are in the mainstream, not all of them come cheap. And most people who attend, have the money to spend, and they go as far as “glamping” at the 3-day event. Glamping, is exactly how it sounds. Camping at a music festival. But this isn’t ordinary camping, it’s glamourous. The question is if it’s worth it? You get certain amenities and perks that event-goers can’t even touch and you’re also secluded from the massive crowds–so it’s debatable.

Raves are known for connecting people with radiating love through common interests.

It starts as simple as exchanging bracelets known as “Kandi,” or colorful beaded bracelets which are worn by ravers covering their arms to their elbows.

The sole purpose for making bracelets is to give them away and collect what you received; a recyclable hobby. PLUR (peace, love, unity, respect) is the war cry for ravers. During the process of trading Kandi, there is a maneuver to which hand gestures are matched to each abbreviation of PLUR.

First you put up the peace sign to the person you choose, then a heart to which you create one half to unite with theirs, and then lock hands to move a bracelet over your hand and across to their arm.

If you love music, you’ll love music festivals. It’s always great to see your favorite artist or DJ perform live. Having your friends around to scream the lyrics, dance, and share laughs with is what makes the experience that much better.

It’s like, what you’d normally do in a car; blasting music, but with more people, you’re able to drink (if you’re legally of age), and the music’s louder with colorful lights and themed decoration. And let’s not forget about the food!

But if you aren’t the type to be surrounded by massive amounts of people and are particular about your style of music, there’s definitely something for you. Music festivals don’t always have to be of the EDM culture. They are about bringing artists together to celebrate the love of music while enjoying all the things that make a great summer; so much as sitting on the trunk of old cars, BBQ, beer, and laughter.

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