The Misconception of Mushrooms: Why Shrooms Aren’t as Harmful as People Think

Some may argue that all drugs are bad. Some drugs, like caffeine and sugar, are accepted by western society at large though. And the rise of the pharmaceutical drug culture has made taking drugs such as xanax and codeine popular; especially amongst youth. With the combination of a more deeply rooted culture of alcohol and cocaine, it seems our idolization of drugs is, to say the least, detrimental to western culture. This doesn’t mean that all drug cultures are bad however. Just most of them. That being said, the psychedelic drug culture is the most favorable for many reasons. And before you think, “more drugs?!” Here me out, you might like what you read!

If you don’t understand psilocybin, you might accept the perspectives of people who also don’t understand nor have taken them. One thing you might have heard about psilocybin, or “magic mushrooms,” is that they make you see dragons or aliens! That couldn’t be further from the truth. Although shrooms are hallucinogens, if an object, person, or interdimensional being isn’t there, they won’t magically appear.

Another common misconception about ‘shrooms’ is that they make you crazy. A double-blind study done by RR Griffiths, WA Richards, MW Johnson, UD McCann, and R. Jesse tested the long term psychological effects of a heavy dose of psilocybin on 36 participants. In a 14-month follow up, 58 percent said that their psychedelic experience was in the top five spiritual experiences of their entire lives. 64 percent said that they experienced an increase in life satisfaction and well-being. With that being said, environment means everything, and without considering your surroundings, there are risks.

Unlike drugs such as alcohol and Xanax, the effects of shrooms are mostly determined by your internal environment; what your attitude is to life and yourself. Thus, shrooms aren’t for everyone at all times. When ‘shrooms’ are taken, emotions are intensified and become intertwined with concepts, making psychedelic reality vastly different from normal reality. Fears are unhesitant to manifest. In an unsafe environment, ‘shrooms’ are the worst option, making preparation for a trip a spiritual task.

Preparing for a ‘shrooms’ trip is inherently spiritual, as it requires the individual to look inward and accept the situation that they are in. This is in opposition to the alcohol and pharmaceutical culture which attempts to escape any self analysis and introspection by drinking and pill-popping into unconsciousness. As a collective, if our choices of altered states of consciousness are ones that negate introspection and internal conflicts, then maybe psychedelic culture is better than our current drug culture.

Peter Sjöstedt-H, Anglo-Scandinavian philosopher of mind and metaphysics described the trip by saying, “At first one feels lightheaded, and light; gravity seems weaker. One begins to lose bodily coordination skills, as if one were returning to toddlerhood. With one’s eyes open, objects seem to sway, often rhythmically; things seem to pulsate, sometimes vehemently. Flowing patterns are registered, colours fluctuate and become vivid, foods offer supreme tastes far overreaching one’s previous benchmarks.”

Though not for everyone, the use of psilocybin isn’t harmful. Far from it. A ‘shrooms’ trip is a spiritual one, and one that’s safer than most other drug cultures that western society tolerates.

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