Has the #MeToo Movement Been Successful?

While the MeToo movement has been very successful in exposing sexual predators from Hollywood such as Bill Cosby, Louis CK, Kevin Spacey and most notably Harvey Weinstein. The movement has shaken up hollywood and exposed the corruption in the entertainment industry. And while sexuall assault and sexuall harrasment is nothing to make light of, their are some who believe the Metoo movement has been used as a weapon to prosecute individuals on the merits of feelings rather than evidence.

While the Metoo movement is a positive effort for social justice, but much like any other movement it can be taken a bit too far. We live in a country in where your are believed to be Innocent until Proven guilty. But unfortunately the Metoo movement has flipped things around and forced those who are being accused to prove their innocence. Thomas Nelson a reporter for The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier stated “The Courts of public opinion can be biased but, as the saying goes, sunlight is the best disinfectant”.

The MeToo movement has multiple faults that damages the legitimacy of the organization. One of which were currently seeing is the sexual assault allegation on Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The women who has accused Judge Kavanaugh is Dr. Ford and she is scheduled to testify under oath in front of the judiciary committee on 10am on September 27 at Capitol Hill.

The accusations were that a young and intoxicated Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge attempted to forcefully sexually assaulted her while at a party 36 years ago. Dr Ford has repeated on multiple occasions that she doesn’t remember the location of the part, who were at the party, what time this occurred, how she got their and how she got back home.

Sexuall assault accusations are very serious. Whats hurts the credibility of Dr. Ford is the timing of her accusation. Her story was presented the week of Judge Kavanaugh confirmation vote. The republicans claim that the sexual assault claim is nothing more than a political move to postpone the vote until after the midterm election in where the democratic party hopes to have a majority on both the House and the senate. Them having a majority in both sections would secure enough votes to deny Judge Kavanaugh to be a Supreme Court Justice or any other Supreme Court nominee President Trump may nominate.

With a second and now currently third sexual allegation on Judge Kavanaugh, his confirmation to be the next Supreme Court judge is further less likely as time progresses. With the second accuser having time gaps and a faulty memory, the accusation while commendable doesn’t necessarily prove any wrong doing on Kavanaugh’s part.

Senator Coon a Delaware Democrat recently stated “The burden of proof is on lies on Brett Kavanaugh to prove his innocence”. This quote might come off as a bit hypocritical since many democratic leaders have a substantial amount of evidence on fellow democrat Keith Ellison who’s also been accused of sexual assault and abuse, but have not demanded his removal.

Sexual assault and harassment cannot be tolerated, and should not be ignored, but we must understand that simply because someone is accused of sexual assault, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re guilty.

We should be compelled to avoid letting our emotions distort our judgment, and have faith in the american justice system in where all men are innocent until proven guilty.

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