Women’s Softball Takes a Step Forward

Girls softball is arguably the largest female-oriented sport that WCC currently has to offer.
The team consists of around 9-15 young women, and the program itself has also been fairly successful. Since the softball program’s outset, they have earned 16 Region XV Championship berths. To add to that, they have also won three Mid-Hudson conference titles as well as a plethora of other tournament and conference honors.
The women of the Viking softball team will again try to prove that they can be just as valuable as their baseball counterparts.
This semester, they earned an opportunity that up until the coming season was exclusive only to the men’s baseball team. The women’s softball team has earned a trip to participate in a softball tournament that takes place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This is a momentous opportunity for the women on this team to showcase their talents on a wider scale.
Team Captain Natalie Messina stated, “In the past years, none of the players on the team got to go anywhere because they didn’t have the right experience or the right funding. They also didn’t have the creativity of the people behind the program who wanted it to succeed.”
This season, with the acquisition of new coaches and renewed interest in the direction of the program, more funding has been allocated to the team. The team won’t know who they are exactly facing until a week before the tournament. However, Captain Messina is assured that with the influx of new and excited talent, along with the experienced veterans, they have a chance to make their mark for the WCC softball team.
Second-year player and team veteran, Maiya Harris, said of the new coaches, “They seem to be very focused. They want the best for us, they want us to grow as team the same way that we [softball team] do. We all have the same goal. That’s very important. With them in our corner this season we’ll be ok.”
The team hopes to improve upon their previous season, a season in which they ended with a record of 8-12. They are already on a forward trajectory—considering that the season prior to the spring of 2016, they only won 5 games.
Dedication seems to be a running theme amongst the softball team. Players feel that the team will be in good shape, as long as the dedication to the team itself matches the talent that some of these young women possess.

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