Letter to the Editors

Thanks and admiration go to editor Amanda M. Gordon for her opinion article, “Military Members Shouldn’t Be Held Hostage in Anthem Protest Debate.”  Ms. Gordon helps us to understand some key points about the NFL protests.  First, prominent national political figures and some media personalities have no shame about exploiting our military personnel for their own political and financial gain.  As Ms. Gordon aptly puts it, they hold our military personnel hostage by projecting upon them a caricature-like image that is intended to represent all service-people.  In doing that, they deny those who serve in the military their depth of feeling for the country.  People in every part of the military, like people in every part of the country, recognize that Colin Kaepernick took a knee because he wished to make a specific statement about our society losing sight of a bedrock American value, equality before the law.  NFL executive blacklisting of Kaepernick, the U.S. President’s disrespect for the Constitution, and Fox News’s divisive, untruthful ranting give them not a shred of the standing that Kaepernick has as a patriot.

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