Letter to the Editor: Regarding the Sustainability Committee

Brittany Clark and the Viking News Editors,

Thank you for the recent front-page Viking News article bringing attention to the campus Sustainability Committee. I trust the article will prompt discussion. Nevertheless, I would like to provide some corrections and clarification.

First, while I was involved in the early discussions and formation of this presidential advisory group, I was never “in charge of the committee.” The co-chairs of record are Prof. Deb Krikun and student Paul – Anthony Présendieu Cuesta. And, as I have not earned a Ph.D. I am not Dr. Priano. The title Prof. is more accurate.

More importantly, the committee members did not “resign” as the headline states. It was decided last fall to suspend meeting until such time President Miles reviews our report on transportation.

Every commuter-based college recognizes the issues associated with transportation. Many campuses have taken pro-active steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve public transportation, encourage ridesharing, improve campus parking, and reduce traffic congestion on campus and local roads.

Student success is dependent on many variables. At our commuter-based college, safe and effective transportation is a key factor in timely and regular attendance, both essential to successful completion of courses and programs. Going forward, I believe many of the members of the Sustainability Committee would be willing to discuss our findings and recommendations with President Miles.

Thank you again for spotlighting this issue.

Signed, Prof. Michael Priano

Biology Department​

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