Letter to the Editor: Focus on Success of Students

The Feb. 3 – Feb. 16 issue of “The Viking News” contained the article “Tutoring to Make Better Students- Academic Support Center Helping Students Raise Their Grades” by writers Gregorio, Browne, an Bellomo. Some felt that the article might have overlooked the true results of the Academic Support Center.

So, what is the Academic Support Center? The Academic Support Center is tutoring function at Westchester Community College. Not many educational institutions provide such a service, and more students should take advantage of all that it offers. The tutoring covers the disciplines of reading, writing, ESL, science, math and speech communication for non-native speakers.

Tutorials which include study skills and workshops on varied subjects are given throughout the semester. Additionally, writing assistance ranges from beginning writing to writing for all levels at Westchester Community College.

The Academic Support Center is able to provide personal attention to students needing help. And who needs help? If you are not getting an “A” in class, you can always improve. The tutors as the Academic Support Center pride themselves on seeing students successfully complete their courses. The reward of seeing students succeed is the best part of the tutor’s job!

The services at the Academic Support Center are free, with no reservations necessary. So what stops students from coming? The center is generally open from 7:30 in the morning to five in the afternoon on week days. We recognize you, as students, have demanding schedules, but the door of the Academic Support Center is always open to you.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Schmidt and Becky Silverstein

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