Meet The Artist: Jaquelin Rivera

On Wednesday October 3rd, the talented Jaquelin Rivera, showcased some of her best art pieces during common hour at the Student Center Events Room, where many students stopped by to view the creative and unique pictures done by the artist.

Jaquelin is an alumni who Majored in the Arts here at Westchester community college, where she still dedicates a generous amount of her time with present art students at the colleges art building. Though originally from Yonkers with a Guatemalan background, Jaquelin is a true New Yorker at heart who gains inspiration from the wall art seen all over the city.

Rivera expressed how graffiti, seen throughout the Bronx while travelling by train, sparked the need for her wanting to create her own artwork. The incorporation of New York’s old style graffiti, illustration, hip hop and Maya artwork that is showcased in her drawings gives it its flair and uniqueness.

This artist is a lover of culture who strives to educate people about her country Guatemala, while including other cultures into her work which speaks unity and equality. At the age of 5 Jaqueline would imitate the stick figures drawn by her mother, but it wasn’t until around the age of 10 that her raw talent really came to life and has only gotten better ever since.

Rivera has recently started adding some of her work to the back of denim jackets which she displayed on mannequins at the event, which were done by the help of her friend who is a fashion designer. Many students were surprised by the clean and unusual art pieces produced by the humble artist.

Majority of the patrons said they would definitely purchase her work while others were busy making inquiries about personal portraits and the sale of items on display. Though Rivera is yet to make sales of her work at the moment she said this is something she would consider in the future.

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