Is Print Journalism A Dying Medium?

The fate of journalism has been a question that is thought of more and more in recent years. There is no way to say for sure, but opinions range from the simple, “Journalism is dying” to the more interesting, “It is just getting a new start”.
In my opinion, journalism is just finding a new home away from paper and TV: in social media. This idea is supported by Dominic Carter of NY1 who says, “Journalism is not dying out, but journalism is indeed drastically changing and evolving, thanks largely to internet and technology.”
It is true that technology is pushing more and more people away from newspapers and television, but that doesn’t mean that journalism is dying. “Journalism is not dying out, it’s simply changing to reflect technology. Case in point, news sites like Politico, Huffington Post, and even TMZ when it comes to entertainment are doing well,” Dominic Carter added.
With technology evolving it is bringing news, and journalism, to more people across the world. With journalism this wide-spread, we are able to share so much more with each other as a world and as a country.
However, all progress comes with less-than-adequate side effects. For example, “Some local cable TV news channels are facing cutbacks as well. Like News 12, the cablevision station in our area was sold about a year ago,” said Carter.
The sad fact is as technology takes over, journalism the TV news slowly dies out.
People would much rather take the simpler, easier route of pulling out their phone instead of picking up a paper from a newspaper stand and flipping through the pages to find what they want. The same thought process goes to TV news. Personally, I find it easier to simply go onto YouTube and watch a news broadcast as opposed to flipping through channels trying to find the one I like.
Dominic Carter concluded, “Americans have so many alternative venues for their news now. We don’t have to wait for the 5 or 6 o’clock news. Whatever time of day, we can find exactly what we are interested in, with one click, and even see video.”
Journalism is not dying—rather, it is simply changing to match the needs and demands of the modern world. With journalism reaching such a widespread audience today, we are more connected than ever before, though at the same time, paper and televised news are slowly disappearing.

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