Importance of Civility

The political climate in 2018 is a monstrosity of bagged up human emotions, that has rallied up many young people to vote in the upcoming Midterm elections. The separation in ideologies between the political left and right has become so substantial that in the midst of all the rallies, the protesting, we have lost a core value of our human principle.

Something that was once a seen as footing for human decency has now been turned into something divisive and for political gain.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was interviewed by CNN in which she made a comment that puts into context the political tension were currently living in. She was asked about civility in politics and if it is achievable in which she responded “Civility can start again when the democrats take the house and or the senate”.  To some her comments can sound like a battlecry for the political left, who are tired of President Trump’s attack on the LGBTQ community, immigrants and people of color. While to other her comments could be seen as a hypocritical, divisive and exactly what’s wrong with the political left.

To some conservative students Hillary Clinton’s has been interpreted as her condoning disrespect or violence to anyone who might differ in political ideologies. There has been a growing trend in violence towards conservatives individuals ever since President Trump took office in 2016. And with it a growing belief that being conservative somehow means the individual is racist, homophobic, xenophobic and hateful.

Current Westchester Community student and Nursing major Lizbeth Puruncajas stated “I consider myself to be conservative, but i can’t say it out loud to anyone. You could be assaulted for being a supporter of the Pro-Life movement or simply by having a difference of opinion than someone else”. And while many may not like her comments, it’s a unfortunate truth for many conservatives living in blue states.

In many public and private universities in the United State we have seen an increase of protest to ban controversial figures from speaking. This last week former Breitbart Senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak about the politics of Halloween at New York University (NYU), but was force to reschedule after requested by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.  To many on the right this is yet another example of conservative being denied the opportunity to express the first amendment right of freedom of speech, since it might offend some.

President Trump hasn’t exactly been a strong advocate for civility as well. He’s has very much added fire to the flame when he encourages many of his supporters to chant “Lock Her up” at his rallies, referring to Hillary Clinton in the Benghazi scandal . His hateful rhetoric has struck a nerve in many Liberal citizens who see the intolerance and aggressiveness of the political right. That while many might see Liberals as being violent and intolerant, Conservatives are equally as bad.

Regardless of your political ideologies, we must understand that we cannot allow our society to make uncivil behavior the new standard. That Incivility can be found everywhere, in schools were bullying has become as pervasive as ever, in the roads, were road rage is on display daily, and on the internet in where many leave their moral compass at the door. Civility needs to be in the forefront of public discourse so that many individuals can engage in civil discourse and work at solving life problem rather than creating them.

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