Healthy Or Cheap: Healthy Food Is An Option But Not Always A Feasible One

The cafeteria at Westchester Community College is a place worth being. Although not always the most desirable option, they offer a wide selection of healthy food. When you first walk in though, there appears to be a wider selection of fried foods and other unhealthy options. If you’re looking for the healthier eating choices, they’re hidden in the corner of the cafeteria.

Georgiana Anderson, a chef who is very committed to helping bring happiness and health to the students, gave me some insight on what was going on behind the scenes. Unfortunately, organic healthy food is expensive. The new burger, named “The Impossible Burger,” is completely plant based and organic. That comes at a cost though. The hamburger itself, drinks aside, is nine dollars.

The choice of eating healthy is completely up to the student. But considering how expensive the healthy option is, it’s no wonder many choose the cheaper, unhealthy alternatives. If it comes down to a nine dollar burger with a drink, or a two dollar bag of chips with a drink, which makes more sense?

Westchester Community College does have a wide selection of nutritional choices, more so than many other community colleges. Here at our college the food is prepared fresh with ingredients like “quinoa and beans, which has more fiber than chicken,” according to Anderson.

Some students actually prefer to have healthy options. The chefs behind the scenes want the same as well. But for students to start choosing the healthy options, some work needs to be done. Limiting junk food and unhealthy options, such as fried foods or foods with artificial dyes and flavorings, is one thing that can be done. Especially since the unhealthy options are prominently displayed when you first enter.

Apart from that, it’s also important to make students more aware of the healthy options. As it stands, the only advertisement for the new Impossible Burger, is a single sign in the cafeteria. More should be done to let students know they have options. If students are made aware that they are able to choose healthier options, they will.

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