Rockland CC Hawks Taken Down by WCC Vikings

The WCC Vikings once again earned their warrior name on the first night of February, leaving the Viking Gymnasium with a score of 111-65 and the genuine respect of their opponents, the Rockland Community College (RCC) Hawks. Both sides played hard and got physical, but it was clear from at least the first time-out, a quarter of the way through the first period, that WCC had this in the bag.

This game marks the sixth game of the season where the Vikings have crossed the 100-point mark, as well as the second consecutive game, after the away game against the Dutchess Community College Falcons.

“They’re a big, talented group with a deep bench,” said Edward Hall, #11 on the Hawks, “one of the better teams this year.”

And that deep bench was used to its fullest as the second period started up. The line-up changes were seamless, with the new players fitting in so seamlessly that it was hard to tell any change had occurred if you didn’t look closely at any one of them. The audience could sense the weeks of practice with every possible team and bench combination that went into perfecting that smoothness.

The most notable feature of the night was the sheer amount of three-pointers on all sides.  Everyone brought their A-game and made shots from almost every angle. Some even broke their own personal records with those shots, with Raykwon Fenton raising his record for most points scored in one game up to 32, with 18 of those points coming from his six three-pointers, according to the record-keepers at

Fenton wasn’t the only one making impressive shots that night either. Maxx Miller had the second highest personal score on the team with 19 points and, to the fans’ great enjoyment, performed both the evening’s amazing slam dunks. Tremaine Fraiser also impressed the crowd with two three-pointers within a single minute of play during the first period. Tallied up, estimates that the team made 13 three-pointer attempts in all, many of them successful.

And neither were the fundamentals neglected either.  Almost every defensive rebound was caught, magnificent steals were made by Pierre Lys and Drew Bronen in the second period and passes connected with perfect precision. At one point in the second period, a player whose number, made a pass fully halfway down the court to a teammate who nearly made a slam dunk.  There were also many magnificent tips, which is a term for when the ball is shot, misses and another teammate jumps up and slaps it into the net.

The game started off slow, but this did not last long. The ball quickly began changing hands and even sides at lightning speed. The crowd, small but excited, was enthusiastic, going wild for each of the slam dunks.  Both sides’ coaches were especially vocal, shouting out orders and tactics at their players, with RCC’s coach getting a little exasperated with his team as the game went on, which was interesting to watch.

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