GameACon 2016: New Media Club Hosts Games, Cosplay and More

WCC had its first Gameacon at the gym on April 20. The event was a collaboration of WEB and the New Media Club. Students gathered together to enjoy arcade games, play Xbox One and Wii U, buy comic books, cosplay as their favorite characters, enter raffles, and to have a good time with each other.

The school was fortunate enough to have some dedicated people contribute to this event and make this happen as it was not easy neither was it quick to pln this event.

“It took us about since January to plan this event,” said Liz Reichelt, the Special Events Chair of WEB.

WEB had put in funding for the arcade games that were available for everyone to play that day. Salvatore Tornatore, the Vice President of Marketing for WEB brought his own Xbox One for people to play at Gameacon.

“Everyone in the New Media Club chipped in for the food and refreshments,” said Pat Zanfardino, the Vice President of the New Media Club.

Nigel Tompkins, also a member of the New Media Club, had brought his own Wii U for the event so they were able to have their Super Smash Bros competitions.

“I always wanted to host a gaming event where everyone can have fun. I’m really into gaming, I played on Pro Circuit Major League Gaming so I’m into this whole scene. So I took my love for gaming and made this,” said Tornatore, who also plays MLG (Major League Gaming). “I started when I was 13 years old playing Call of Duty when the Xbox 360 was first out and my friends told me about this website called GameBattles. I always liked to game seriously and started watching gamers on YouTube too. My best friend started a team up and was like ‘do you want to play with us?’ and I was like ‘Sure!’, then I went further and got me and my friends to gather $650 to start a team to enter a tournament. We came in eighth place and it was really cool to be participating on a circuit.”

The gaming community is full of passionate people who really care about the game they’re playing, along with the others in the gaming scene.

“We do this every Wednesday, it’s usually a smaller turnout during the week,” said Zanfardino about the Super Smash Bros tournament.

He admitted to be excited about more people showing up and playing with the New Media Club at the event.

Zanfardino explained how their tournaments run on a bracket system, with two or three rounds in a bracket. The winner has to stay with the character they picked, while the loser can change. The first person to win two rounds can move on to the next round.

He expressed concerns about the school’s wifi not being cooperative with the gaming systems, and even interfering a bit during the event. The vice president said he would love if more people joined the New Media Club in the Tech Lounge every Wednesday so they could join their Super Smash Bros tournaments.

The event had a big turn out and people showed a lot of passion at doing what they like at the event.

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