Editorial: On Feminism

With the second annual women’s march, feminism is now one of the most prevalent topics in mainstream media. This advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes, however, is often mistaken for women complaining about men and just the world in general. Rather than that, feminism is simply the radical notion that women are people, too.

We can sit here and google definitions of feminism all we want, but what really matters is what it means to each and everyone of us on a personal level.

Feminism is the reason we can go to school and work towards the career we want. It is what gave us the vote and a voice. It is the end of the being treated as less than a man and the freedom from a life planned out for us by others.

But feminism isn’t just about bridging the gaps between men and women. It is about recognizing and conquering all the problems we face as a society.

Human beings do not live in isolation–we are interwoven with one another. All races, creeds, religions, sexual orientations, and genders face the struggles of life, and if feminism doesn’t stand up to be intersectional, than it won’t hold up at all.

Feminism is the embodiment of what we have always felt to be true: that we should all be treated equally and fairly.

After all we want more women leaders, more women in power, more women doing things that defy the trivial concept of gender.  A concept that shouldn’t hold any controversy given that women make up 51 percent of the U.S population in 2016 according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, and yet only occupy 19 percent of the House according to the Census Bureau.

We believe that this needs to change, and change is coming. Last year, millions of women came out to march in protest to the election of President Donald Trump and this year records are being broken by women running for office.

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