The Competition Of Tomorrow: Esports A Hallmark Of A New Age

Humans have always strived to be better than the rest. Physical sports like baseball and lacrosse were always taken very seriously, along with mental games like poker and chess. As technology advances and our taste for new competition skyrockets, a new mountain has emerged over the past couple of decades. Gamers from all over the world battle it out in this new virtual age, all wanting to climb to the top and smash everything in their path.

A new phenomenon called esports has appeared. According to Forbes, it’s a rapidly growing industry, with millions, almost billions, of dollars floating around these competitions. Players all over the world and their fans flock to huge esport events hosted by organizations like EVO, CEO, and APEX. Call of Duty, Tekken, and Rainbow Six Siege are some of the games featured at these competitions. One of the oldest and most popular esports series out there is Super Smash Bros. There are thousands of tournaments happening across the United States every single year, and one “super-major” every month. In a super-major tournament, all of the best players congregate at one venue. These tournaments are cutthroat and have tens of thousands of dollars on the line with only one winner. Only the true greats have a shot at winning these top tier events. These are the ‘superbowls’ of gaming.

Legends are born through greatness. Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, and Floyd “Money” Mayweather are all names that many American sports fans have heard dozens of times. History is written by the victors, and these athletes have certainly have won. Fame, fortune and glory. A lasting legacy for the history books. There are dozens of rising stars coming into the gaming industry. People have heard of the gaming teams like FaZe, Evil Geniuses or PENTA Sports. These pro league teams are the gaming equivalent to The Rangers, or The Rays. In the Smash Bros scene, most players are solo. These members rack up sponsorships and teams to fuel their passion. “Liquid” HungryBox and “Alliance” Armada are the Lebron James and Kobe Bryant of Super Smash Bros Melee. Top “athletes” of their field. Their grind, their legacy.

Sports itself is all about teamwork, strength, endurance, marksmanship, reflexes… you can say the same about esports. Both are hard, physically and mentally draining, and very much adrenaline inducing. There are people who eat, sleep, and breath sports. They almost treat their favorite sport as a religion. Gamers dedicate their entire lives to one game. Always improving, always advancing, always trying to get to the next level, the next stage.  There are lucky breaks, and heartbreaks. Victory and glory. Esports is the competition of tomorrow.

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